Dear Chapter Members and Friends,

We have a change in our program for tomorrow’s meeting. Dr. Michelle Frenton, who was to speak on Wireless Accessories after learned this morning a family emergency she needs to address. She will reschedule her talk for one of our upcoming spring meetings, which we will announce soon.

We are fortunate to have Gene and Maureen Belote, professional storytellers (HLAA Gulf Coast Chapter members) share a story or two and then talk about how you can reach into your tangled memories of people and places to find your own stories.

Everyone has stories. It’s what makes up the dash in your born to death date. But which ones do you want to tell? Which do you want those who never met you know? Can your story help or entertain others?

Think of the trials you’ve overcome and the growth that made you the person you are today. It’s fun to remember, create and tell your own stories.

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This HLAA’s 40th Anniversary year, we wanted to honor HLAA founder Rocky Stone. Rocky’s and HLAA’s philosophy is all about finding our confidence to Self-Help oneself by Self-Advocating for our individual needs at home, social gatherings and in the community. We are hoping Maureen can inspire all of us all to tell our story at a future chapter meeting, so we can practice self-help.

The meeting is 12:30 PM, tomorrow Wednesday at the Safety Harbor Library, 101 2nd Street North, Safety Harbor, Florida. Come and join us to listen to and meet with Maureen to learn how to tell your story.