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Special Needs Tutoring – tutor doctor – how learning hits home

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Convenient, comfortable, one-to-one

We come to you, wherever you are, at a time that is convenient. In the comfort of your own home, we provide individualized training and give your child the caring and confidence that  they need to succeed.

Everyone can learn with the right approach

We believe that  all thinking caps can be tailored. We have a comprehensive, collaborative approach and work together  with your child and teachers to identify the right strategies even after  receiving the results of an Individualized Educational Program  (IEP).We find the perfect tutors matched to your child’s  learning differences, personality, and academic subjects.

Better learning, better life

Your education consultant and tutor  have your child’s best interests at heart. We listen, understand, and build an educational support team to help your students be the best that  they can be.

Your goals are our goals

Whatever your child’s needs are, we build a tailor made plan that gets results. We also have an innovative X-Skills'” plan to help them stay focused, plan ahead and reach their goals.


Tutor Doctor tutors many types of students including but not limited to the following:


  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)


  • Autism I Asperger’s Syndrome


  • Hearing Impairment


  • Processing Disorders


  • Dyslexia


While we provide the knowledge and resources needed to help your children achieve their academic goals, please be aware that our tutoring is not therapeutic. We believe anyone can live up to their potential with our supportive learning environment and teaching strategies.


Call us today to schedule a free consultation at: 1-813-820-4057

Download flyer here