7th Annual Hearing Tech Clinic – October 27 – Hearing Tech Expo

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Only Expo in Florida to offer free hearing aid trials, as well as a clinic and pediatric program


Manatee Technical College 6305 State Road 70, Bradenton, FL (map-it)

Better Hearing Guidebook

• Getting the most out of the Expo
• Top 10 ways to improve hearing
• How HLAA can support you

This is also the First Hearing Tech Expo with a Free:

  • Clinic to try and compare hearing aids
  • Audiologist Consultations and Hearing Screenings
  • Children’s Program for children with a loss and parents
  • Guided Tours
  • Free Car Service
  • Silent Auction
  • Traducciones en español

Lead Sponsor: Advanced Bionics


We suggest you take a minute now to plan your visit with these 12 suggestions, so you get the most out of the day.


1. Don’t miss the workshops on page 5. Each of these helpful 45
minute sessions will only be given once, but every other program
goes on all day. It’s best to plan your visits to the exhibitors and
clinic around the times of your favorite workshops.

2. Sign up for a hearing screening, consultation and hearing aids
trials at Reception.

3. Take a guided tour with Listen Technologies’ new Listen Talk
system to get an insider’s view of the exhibitors.

4. Have a child with hearing loss? Check out all the exhibitors
on page 4 who offer pediatric products or services. Ask Reception
for a list of all the fun Halloween activities in the West Wing, like
Decorate Your Technology!

5. Need more than a hearing aid? See page 4 for the list of
cochlear implant companies, as well as the world’s first implanted
hearing aid.

6. Need a hearing care provider? Check out page 4 for the list
of participating clinics here today.

7. Want to hear better on the phone? Visit the four companies
listed under Phones on page 4 for a free amplified or caption
phone and stop by the InnoCaption booth for free caption
support on your mobile phone.

8. Want to hear better at the theater and services? Stop by the
Complete Hearing Solutions booth. At the movies? Visit Regal
Hollywood 11. At home? See The HAT Squad.

9. If your hearing aid is not working, get an appointment at
Reception for a visit to our Emergency Room for a repair.

10. Don’t face hearing loss alone. Talk to the hearing loss, tinnitus
and other support groups listed on page 4.

11. Don’t forget our Silent Auction with over 100 bargains awaiting
you. A partial list is on pages 16 to 19.

12. If you need more information or support, ask a HLAA volunteer
in a yellow tee shirt or check out our monthly programs on the
back cover of this brochure.


Workshop Schedule
(Sessions will last approximately 45 minutes)

Time / Topic
9:30 Access Technology Panel: Users of various technologies
such as loop systems, movie caption systems, assistive
listening devices and wireless accessories, will discuss
how these devices complement their hearing devices to
make a difference in tough to hear situations.

10:30 Hearing Aid User Panel: Users of hearing aids who initially
resisted getting hearing aids will discuss what changed their
minds and answer your questions on how to get the
most out of your hearing aid purchase.

11:30 What New Technologies May Be Best For You:
Dr. Brad Ingrao, Au.D., Assistant Professor, Audiology at
Nova Southeastern University will offer an overview of the
latest developments in hearing aids, cochlear implants and
wireless accessories.

12:30 Cochlear Implant User Panel: Users of Advanced Bionics,
Cochlear, Esteem and Med-El answer your questions about
implants which can meet your needs if hearing aids are not

1:30 Fall Into Literacy: Kate Smiley, CCC-SLP, Cert. AVT, Johns
Hopkins All Children’s Hospital – Ft. Myers, will talk about
the effects of hearing loss on literacy and spoken language
skills and share activities to facilitate development of these
skills in the home setting.

2:30 HLAA Family Support Group: This interactive session led
by HLAA mentors will discuss how spouses and family
members can more effectively communicate with a loved
one with hearing loss.

Most of these sessions will be a Q&A format, so bring your questions, issues and concerns to not only seek solutions, but also to connect with potential mentors for your ongoing needs following the Expo.

All sessions supported by CART (Captions) and a Hearing Loop

For more information:

Download/Print Flyer to this event