Clearwater Chapter, Pinellas County, Florida



Our Chapter is a Self-Help Group


Self-help begins when a person makes a personal decision to take action that they hope and believe will result in change. A resolve to reach out for help must begin with self. By joining a group of people with the same problem, people find that they are not alone in what they are facing. Self-help groups include people who have "walked the walk." Through sharing concerns and gaining information, especially with others who have been successful in helping themselves, better ways of looking at and dealing with individual problems are discovered. Self-help is at work.

Any time a person experiences change that is successful and positive there is inner growth. They become empowered. No one really helps another without also helping himself or herself. Most people are naturally eager to share their successes with others and deeply satisfied when they can help someone else. This is mutual help, a necessary ingredient of self-help.

In our mission to overcome hearing loss, Hearing Loss Association chapters offer fertile ground for personal as well as organizational growth and development.

People who seek self-help have chosen to take charge of their own lives. Hearing Loss Association Clearwater Chapter members share a common communication difficulty and have come together in self-help, reaching inside themselves and out to others in need.